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TEAM Leadership Summer 2016

Program Overview

The purpose of the *T*E*A*M* Leadership Program is to allow students to gain valuable personal and professional skills and to develop projects that will guide them towards future careers. *T*E*A*M* equips students with the tools needed to become a well-rounded, student leader  by affording them opportunities to apply what they have learned in practical and meaningful way. This program focuses on developing skills and concepts learned outside the classroom.

Students will be able to grow and expand in their abilities through group-oriented, engaging projects and assignments. After this 13-week program, students emerge with leadership skills in problem solving, creative thinking, taking initiative, effective communication and self-confidence. Students explore topics such as financial literacy and entrepreneurship as well as work in our Community Garden for a unique farm to table experience.


The T*E*A*M Leadership Program consists of:

Students ages 14-17 seeking a positive learning experience in a safe and supportive environment. These students desire to develop strong leadership skills and learn valuable life lessons that extend beyond the classroom.

T*E*A*M Leadership Program Objectives:

Our students will:

  • be actively involved in their community by creating and implementing a major community project
  • gain skills in problem solving, conflict resolution, professionalism, written and verbal communication, interpersonal relations and leadership
  • widen their perspective on local and global issues, apply knowledge practically, strive for excellence when completing tasks, persevere in difficulty and think independently

Meeting Times & Participation Requirements

Meetings will be held every Monday and Wednesday, starting June 1, 2015 and run 13 weeks, ending August 24, 2015.  Sessions will run 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Attendance is mandatory, however, arrangements can be made to accommodate special events and/or circumstances. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Benefits of Participation

By participating in the T*E*A*M Leadership Program students will:

  • gain practical experience as a professional under conditions conducive to educational development
  • be provided a structured environment to better facilitate the transition from high school to college
  • establish a network with professionals in various career fields
  • establish life-long friendships with like-minded youth
  • have the opportunity to earn a college scholarship
  • be more confident and knowledgeable about making decisions that will impact their future
  • impact their community through service and volunteerism
  • create and implement a  community project that they can be proud of

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