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Chidera Obiora is a transfer student athlete from Nigeria and also a senior at New Jersey United Christian Academy. Chidera also plays  for SJ Domination 11th grade basketball team. We had  a conversation with him about his experiences as student-athlete.


" Coming from Nigeria to play in United States, was not an easy transition for me. I had to recognize  that the training and education arrangements were more different; difficult from that of Nigeria. At my first arrival, i  attended (Veritas Christian Academy)  North Carolina. There as a Sophomore , i had the privilege to play both soccer and basketball. I also took my team to the "NACA" Nationals, were we won our first ever Division ii  championship title at soccer. Later i transfer to NJ United Christian Academy, there i also played basketball for the school team. At my  Junior year i got invited  to ( Scout Focus Camp), and was ranked among he top 5 players at the camp. Ever since then i have been able to grow both mentally and physically"


On what he did that was sport related over the summer and how it went.


"Over the summer i had an opportunity to play travel ball with my AAU team,    (South Jersey Domination). It was my first ever AAU experience here in  the United States. At first it was tough getting adapted to the new rules and regulations, but it was not as frustrating and ridiculous as i thought it would be. I found summer basketball as a platform that elevated my game mentality. From my perspective it also gave me a greater view of how great i could become"


On what he expected this year as an  athlete.


" My expectation for  this year an athlete, is too get stronger and also be effective at both practices and games. I also expect to get offers from colleges, because i believe to have worked on most of my week points, and still ready to give 100% in order to be in a position were its undeniable that am most comfortable with all skills worked on"


On balancing education and athletics .

" I always set goals of balancing both education and athletics, by splitting my time between both of them"


Advice for current and future student athletes.

" My advice to both current and future student athletes are just to, focus on the goal,, always be enthused when putting in work , because at the end it will surely pay off. Never let any one decide your destiny. Always believe in God"